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    Get reviews, deals, reservations, transit, delivery and more. When you are craving for food, we have got you covered. Just type in:

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    • Cuisine (ex: Chinese food)
    • Delivery (ex: Italian Restaurants on Doordash)
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    Find the best way to watch a movie, the next showtime, aggregated reviews and ratings from top sources, trailers, soundtracks, and more. Just type in:

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  • Messaging

    Create individual or group conversations to easily share action cards with friends. With intuitive tagging, share movies, tv shows, songs, and places. Just type in:

    • Type @ and the name of the item to share
    • See a list of suggestions and tap to confirm
    • A preview snippet will appear in the chat
    • Anyone can tap on the snippet to see the full action card
  • Songs

    See where you can listen to any song, read its lyrics, watch its music video, discover more songs by that artist, and explore related artists. Just type in:

    • Name (ex: Vogue)
    • Genre (ex: Pop Songs)
    • Artist (ex: Songs by Madonna)
    • Source (ex: Rock songs on Spotify)
  • Celebrities

    Stay up-to-date with your favorite celebrities. Read the latest news and see their social media posts in real-time across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Explore their newest movie and song releases. Just type in:

    • Name (ex: Madonna)
    • Role (ex: Naomi from Wolf of Wall Street)
    • Related People (ex: People similar to Tom Hanks)